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Best art magazines in Italy… what are they? A new year is about to begin. And that period arrives when I am often asked for advice on which art magazines to start reading from January to keep up to date both on the market and on exhibitions and events. My name is Clelia and today I recommend 3 Italian art magazines of which I myself had the +2 extra subscription. 

Reading and getting information when you are passionate about a specific topic like us is one of the first things that comes naturally. And you don’t have to do it from a print magazine. In fact, there are a thousand ways to keep up with events, breaking news or reviews of exhibitions and books. 

But we are bombarded every day with press releases from museums, stories on instagram, videos in online newspapers, reports on TV and the risk of feeling bombed is very high. This is how magazines help us. The characteristic of magazines, not only those of art, in fact, is that of being specialized and telling the world from their point of view. By reading them we will be aware that they will have chosen for us on the basis of their specialization. So there will probably be, based on our tastes and affinities with the magazine itself, that interview in the studio with an artist we are curious about or that review of that exhibition for which we would like to take the train. 

1. Art of Cairo publisher – Best art magazines in Italy

This effect of confidence in the choice in several years in which I read and inquire about art in Italy in a more conscious way was given to me by a paper magazine: Arte della Cairo editore. 

This is not because this specific magazine is better than others in an absolute sense, but because especially in the period I was living in Milan I was told about the history and the art market that surrounded me. Many exhibitions, interviews, news on fairs and auctions were related to what I was experiencing so they intrigued me, attracted me and kept me updated. This has always been the magazine I had the subscription to, where I knew there would be at least two three pieces in my strings.

And it is a magazine that even today I recommend for all lovers of twentieth century art and the art market. Also, I suggest it because Cairo organizes an art prize every year. It was won by some of the most interesting artists on the Italian scene such as Masbedo, Fabio Viale or Fabrizio Cotognini. The annual subscription costs 41 € for 11 issues and one of the numbers is also dedicated to their prize. 

2. FlashArt – Best art magazines in Italy

The second art magazine I had a subscription to for a couple of years is Flash Art. I think anyone who has been interested in art at least once in their life has heard of it. It is an international magazine but it has an Italian edition. Flash Art in Italy made art history when it was launched in the 1970s and is certainly one of the best art magazines in Italy. In addition to being an excellent source for those interested in the super contemporary. From a writing point of view for me it risks being an old school stronghold. The language is not always common and close to everyone but it certainly has a timeless style and is really well cared for, from the point of view of editorial design. The annual subscription costs € 39 for 5 issues because it is a bimonthly. 

3. Artdossier – Best art magazines in Italy

The third magazine of which I had the subscription while I was in the triennial in Palermo, because it was read at home is Artedossier. A magazine that has been directed and edited for many years by Philippe Daverio and which has one great value: it is for everyone.

From the point of view of content, language, approach, it is truly for everyone. It is the perfect magazine for those who want to start approaching the history of art. It actually consists of two parts, the monthly magazine and an in-depth dossier. On the monthly magazine there is little to say, certainly well done, simple with some interesting pieces and others not so much. On the dossier, on the other hand, a world opens up.

In my opinion it is among the best art magazines in Italy because it has made a subject that is seen as impossible and difficult because of the way it is told, simple and within everyone’s reach. Probably even today if I lived in Italy I would buy it for its in-depth dossiers edited by historians and art critics but concise and complete. The subscription of the paper edition with Giunti costs 48 € for 11 issues + 11 dossiers and the digital version for free. 

Other 2 online magazines for art lovers

The next two magazines are rightfully included in this list of useful tips because I have read them on paper and continue to read them online and I consider them an excellent source of information in Italy. These are Artribune and Il Giornale dell’Arte. Both have a great value and a great defect that unites them in my opinion. They are very generalist and at the same time too sectorial.

4. Il

dell’Arte Let me explain better, on Il Giornale dell’Arte , opening the homepage, you can find information on the latest law on the export of works of art. Or the last fresco found in the Italian village and the restitution of works of art from France to African countries. All really really interesting topics, of all types of art sectors and very specific at the same time. So I recommend it if you are already in the sector, you already know more or less what it is and you want to learn more. Or if you want to find out more with an interesting and always current journalistic language in my opinion. I use the Giornale dell’arte for the news of the moment when I really want to stay up to date. From this point of view it is perfect. The paper version with an annual subscription costs € 100 for 11 issues. And you will also find different freebies made based on the number of copies you want to buy. 

5. Artribune

Artribune, on the other hand, I have been following her since 2011 with passion. When I started reading it in the early years it was just the magazine we all expected, especially the very young like me. And to this day it is still among all the magazines that I have mentioned the one with the most international outlook, but which also gives information on what is happening in Italy.

I advise you to read the online version for a simple reason: every day many articles from many different artistic sectors are uploaded, art, fashion, entertainment. So it becomes a real sea of ​​information and for those who are still looking for their tastes it can be the ideal platform. On the contrary, in the days when I don’t have much time, I struggle because there is too much varied content, but from a writing point of view it still remains one of the most interesting today. The subscription to the paper edition that collects the most important pieces with some extras costs € 39 for 6 issues + any special issues. 

Except this one, I think, all the magazines I have recommended can also be bought at newsstands at the price of a single issue. For some years then I have also been reading a lot in English because obviously living here in England I am a little more exposed to English magazines, but I know that they may not interest everyone so I will probably tell you about them on Instagram, where if you want you can follow me to get some content extra. 

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Thanks and see you next time!

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