About me

If you just arrived I am sure you are wondering who I am and why I write about art and travel: here you can find some of the answers!

What's your name and where are you from?

Clelia. Born in Palermo and raised in Milan (Italy), I’ve been living in London for a couple of years.

Why do you write a blog?

I grew up in a humanist but very high-tech environment, marked by my mother’s passion for music, art and classics, and my father’s practical intelligence. So maybe not by chance, I like to write what goes through my head in contact with works of art or during my travels and it is natural for me to do it online.

Why do you write about art?

When I was a child I had a very strong interest in archaeology, which over the time has become a strong attraction for contemporary art, fashion and jewellery.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and two Master’s degree in Art History and Museum Management.

Right after my Bachelor’s in contemporary art, Milan has become my home. I continued to study, go around exhibitions and spend most of my time in the library on catalogs and magazines. But once I finished my second Master’s between a work in the museum and the other in an artist’s studio I decided to move to the UK.

What did you do before you get here?

From my arrival in Milan, I worked in the studio of a well-known Italian artist, where I spent five years of my life among works, curators, journalists, exhibitions and authentic.

I learned there almost everything I know about the art world and I had the chance to travel a lot and meet collectors, gallery owners and philosophers.

I have also worked in some museums and exhibition spaces both in Italy and in the UK and I have always done everything to be immersed in this world.

Do you like only contemporary art?

I prefer contemporary and twentieth-century art but I enjoy observing, studying and living even masterpieces already entered in the history of art.

A simple but always true phrase: all art has been contemporary once.

So, why do you write a blog about art and travel?

To be able to share my passion and my travels which luckily are always and only related to art in all its forms.

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