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The city of the Jugendstil, of the emperors and composers known as Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and Strauss. A city full of masterpieces preserved in fascinating museums, which despite its high prices is really worth a visit.


The small size, the proximity to Vienna and the affordable prices make it an excellent destination for me for a weekend or a day trip.


Liverpool in England is for me the city of the sea, of contemporary art and leisure. The city is rich in art, architecture and music. After the redevelopment of the port area it is the ideal destination for many English people.

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Art and the Cities is my personal blog and Youtube channel of art and travel. Or better than art travel. I’m not just talking about art history but also about travel, museums, galleries, art market, love stories, books, exhibitions and much more.
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I will take you with me to TATE Modern, the museum of contemporary art and the twentieth century in London. The Tate is one of those art galleries in London that I gladly return to because there is always some new exhibition to see.

Let’s take a tour together at TATE Britain! The London art gallery dedicated to English art from 1500 to today, founded by the inventor of cubed sugar.

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